Outlaw Yarn – Bohemia Gothic


Bohemia Gothic 2022 is a special edition yarn.  Only one batch is run per year and when it’s gone, it’s gone.  Indulge when you see it and make sure you have enough for your project.  Colour repeats may, or may not, ever happen again.

Bohemia with a black alpaca heart. The same luxurious blend of 45% Polwarth / 45% Alpaca / 10% Possum created with black alpaca instead of white.
Inspired by Victorian Gothic novels and novelists, Bohemia Gothic is the perfect blend of dark and moody with colour to die for.
​This DK yarn will knit up fast for garments and will have all the softness and drape you need for accessories.
Deliciously soft and silky, Bohemia is a stunning blend of luxury fibres. Combining the extreme softness and warmth of Possum and Alpaca with the extra long staple and lustre of Polwarth. The Polwarth provides stitch definition, memory and sheen, the Alpaca gives a silky drape and the Possum content is perfectly balanced to bring a subtle marl and soft halo to the knitted yarn. Possum has similar qualities to mink. The fibres are hollow, light, non-itchy, extremely warm and (unlike angora) Possum is pill resistant. Alpaca is an extraordinarily fine fibre with microscopic air pockets creating unique thermal properties. It’s durable, non-flammable and non-itchy containing no lanolin with a smooth cell structure. 

45% Polwarth, 45% Alpaca, 10% Possum
100gm ball at net standard condition
Approx. ​200m / 219yds
Care instructions: Hand wash, dry flat