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The Language of Knitting

Knitcola hand dyed yarns

The Language of Knitting

Knitting language… a language of it’s own!

Have you ever sat with a group of knitters and heard a strange language being spoken.

Let us translate some for you…
Tink – To knit backwards i.e. undoing
WIP’s – Works in progress
UFO – Unfinished objects
PHD’s – Projects half done
STABLE – Serious stash accumulation beyond life expectancy
OTN – On the needles
SSS – Second sock syndrome
LYS – Local yarn store – must be Ashford Craft Shop
KAL/CAL – Knit-a-long/Crochet-a-long
Frogging – Unraveling a knitted piece. Frogs call “ribbit, ribbit” & that sounds like “rip it, rip it”.
DPN’s – Double pointed needles
Yarn Barf – Big lump of yarn that comes out of a new ball of yarn
Muggle – Non-knitter
Yarnie – Lover of all that is the glorious world of yarn
RAK – Random act of kindness – a small gift to a fellow knitter
Knitflixing – Binging on Netflix while knitting
YAA – Yarnaholics Anonymous for those of us who are beyond help… hehe We really don’t want to be rescued 🙂