Knit Pro Knitting Accessories


Three great must-have accessories from Knit Pro. All sold separately.

With this Clicky Row Counter you will easily keep track of the rows or stitches of your crochet or knitting project! With two dials on the side, the two counters can be set separately. When you have worked one row, simply click the button on top to keep track of worked rows. The KnitPro Clicky row counter is pink in colour with white dots and measures 40 x 37.5mm.

These Tapestry Needles or wool needles have a large eye and a blunt tip. They are ideal for weaving loose threads or for sewing various parts of a knitting or crochet project together. The curvature of the tip makes it easy to insert between knitting or crochet stitches – ideal for closing seams or for sewing together pattern pieces with mattress stitches. One set contains 4 tapestry needles (2 x big, 2 x small) in four colours.

Locking Stitch Markers are used to keep track of your stitches while knitting and crocheting. These stitch markers can be inserted into or around a stitch, for example to mark the start or end of circular rounds or to mark the spot before or after a decrease or increase. They also come in handy for keeping track of the number of rows knitted or crocheted: place a stitch marker every 5 or 10 needles or rows, so you can see at a glance how much progress you made. They can be removed at any moment. One of the benefits of locking stitch markers is that they cannot fall out of your crochet or knitting work. Made with plastic. One pack contains 30 stitch markers in different colours.

Stitch Ring Markers in five lively colours to easily mark beginning of round or pattern repeats in your knitting.
Pack of 50 stitch ring markers: 10 large (16.5mm), 20 medium (10.0mm) and 20 small (6.0mm) supplied in a cardboard pouch.