Possum Pompom


Help us protect New Zealand’s beautiful native bush and bird life for this ravenous introduced pest!
Possums are one of the greatest threats to our natural environment. Every night an estimated 70 million of them munch their way through an incredible 21 000 tonnes of green shoots, fruits, berries and leaves in our native forests. They are omnivorous, eating native birds, eggs and insects. Their voracious appetite threatens the survival of many of our native plants, birds and insects.

Possum fur’s fibres are hollow, lightweight and good at retaining warmth. The hollow fibre structure means air can be trapped inside the fibre, creating a barrier between the internal warmth of the garment and the garment wearer, against the external cold. Possum fibres are known to be 55% warmer than Merino wool.

These soft, luxurious pompoms can be added to hats, keychains or clothing. Every pompom has two long cotton strings attached to secure to your knitted or crocheted garment or accessory.

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