Yoga Yarn 8/2


Yoga yarn is 35% lighter in weight than the 100% cotton in an equivalent weight.
So, knit and weave your fabrics, jackets, pull-overs, scarves, shawls and homewares which will have the bulk and density you want but at the same time staying light!
Our Yoga yarn has a nylon filament core completely covered by a cotton outer wrap! Get the best of both worlds: strength and elasticity of nylons and natural comfort and beauty of cotton!
It is a 2 ply (two threads plied together) yarn – each ply is cotton spun over the nylon filament – the nylon filament is not visible and it will dye like 100% cotton.
It is such a pleasure to weave with this yarn. Due to the slight elasticity of the yarn there will be no more “saggy shed” when weaving on a rigid heddle loom!

This is Ne 8/2, but looks and weaves like Ne 5/2. You can use it in warp and weft and in any combination with other yarns.
Weight/type:  8/2 equivalent
Composition:  82% cotton, 18% nylon core
Unit weight:  200gm cone
Length per unit:  1260m/1386yds
Wraps per inch:  28
Needle size:  2-3mm
Weaving sett:  15- 20 epi

SALE – Limited colours – While stock lasts:
Friar Brown, Daisy Pink, Honeysuckle and Coral Red.