Jack Loom Eight Shaft 97cm


Due to popular demand we have reintroduced our eight shaft, ten treadle 97cm (38ins) weaving width, Jack loom with folding back beam. Create your own beautiful fabrics with ease on this strong compact loom.

Included accessories: 12dpi (48/10) stainless steel reed, 35cm (14″) boat shuttle, 5 cross sticks, 10 wooden warpsticks, 100 x texsolv heddles per shaft.


  • Smooth lacquer finish
  • Large rising shed
  • Eight shafts
  • 10 treadles
  • Bottom pivot beater with built-in shuttle race
  • Easy action warp advancement with steel ratchet
  • Friction rear brake
  • Quiet smooth parallel lamms
  • Smooth nylon shaft guides and easy shaft removal
  • Folding back beam for storage and transport
  • Built-in raddle with cap rail
  • Removable front beam – for easy threading
  • Removable back beam
  • Handy shelf above castle
  • Quick and easy cross stick attachment
  • Extra stainless-steel reeds available in 5 sizes
  • Extra texsolv heddles available


  • Lacquered finish
  • Assembly required
  • Weight 58kg (127lb)
  • Weaving width 97cm (38″)

Click here to view the Youtube Weaving on the Ashford Jack Loom tutorial

Learn to weave on the table loom

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